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Join us for the BBIS Culture Rooms 2020


We need parents who are willing to work together to create a “Culture Room” representing your country/culture, or one with which you are familiar. Students on this day go on a World Tour, visiting the many different cultures and learning about themselves and each other. The parents offer simple activities, perhaps some pictures, or a story that will share something meaningful about their country/culture. The children love to see their parents, see their culture represented and learn about their friends' cultures.


This year's focus: ........



Help and information sessions are available on the following dates: ..........and ...........


Come and find out more, get help planning, or just pick up some supplies for your Culture Room, join me on one or both of these dates.



To get stared, sign up here:

.........  or send an email to

This is one of our students‘ favorite days, thanks to our parent volunteers!

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