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Disposing of Rubbish


Wheelie bins

These bins come in different colours but it is the colour of the lid that matters!

Not all areas use all colours so you may have to find the alternative way of disposing of rubbish. 

In Kleinmachnow

Blue bin – Paper, cardboard, newspapers, paper bags…

Yellow bin – Plastic, cans, polystyrene, aluminium, beverage cartons & spray cans! All containers should be washed before disposal especially during hot weather.

Brown bin – Compostable rubbish eg kitchen scraps, leftover food, coffee filters, teabags and garden waste

Black/Gray bin – ‘most of the rest’! eg cigarettes butts, ash, old household objects like pots and pans, nappies, tissues..


If your area does not use yellow ‘wheelie’ bins, you will need to get some ‘Gelber Sack’ (yellow bags). They can be obtained for free from the Rathaus in Rathausmarkt in Kleinmachnow. You can also get these bags from recycling centres.

These bags are for ‘plastic’ waste and are left out on the footpath for collection, or hung up to keep them safe from wild boar.


Recycling centres also have all other bags that you might need for waste eg leaf bags. You can also wait and instead of paying you can rake your leaves to be collected by the municipality on certain dates. 


In most areas there is an opportunity at certain announced times to get rid of unwanted items such as furniture, building materials by putting them outside your house for collection by the municipal trucks. Or you can bring them to your local recycling center.


Details of bin/rubbish collection times can be obtained from you local registration office…. Or follow your neighbour’s lead!


Müllman app..... for garbage pick up times

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