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Hi, my name is John Pheeney and I'm a new teacher to BBIS this year. For the last two years I have been learning German and working in a Berlin Bilingual School. I'm also a Fitness Leader and teach Aerobics at a Fitness Studio in Berlin. I have been living in Berlin (Schlachtensee) for the last 3 years and originally come from Wollongong, Australia, where I was a Primary School Teacher for approximately 25 years. I will be teaching Grade 5a this year. I enjoy going to Museums, Movies and Flea Markets.


I love how the whole community at BBIS have been so kind and welcoming to all the new staff. I'm so impressed with the history of the school buildings and how they have been restored and renovated for use today. We are so blessed to be surrounded by lovely trees and even a lake close by!

I really look forward to getting more involved in the coming social events, such as Octoberfest, Fasching, Sports Days and Festivals.

Personal Recommendations

I love travelling and exploring and trying out new cafes and restaurants in Berlin. My favourite cafe is called "Bichou Bistro and Cafe."

I spent a Summer holiday with "Sail Croatia" sailing the coast of Croatia, which was so beautiful.

I would recommend any book written by "Bill Bryson" who is my favourite author.

My favourite websites for Children would be: , and​ 

John Pheeney, 2018

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