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I was born in Trinidad and Tobago and moved to Canada as a first grader. I taught in four countries before moving to Germany in 2005. During my time travelling and working, I  met my wife Jana in Mumbai, India. We have two children, Aysha who is 9 and Savio is 5, who were born here in Berlin. I was fortunate enough to be able to get three years of paternity leave and spent that time with my daughter and wife in Tanzania.


Berlin is a wonderful city and I enjoy meeting friends in different places in Kreuzberg. In summer we enjoy going to Viktoria Park and Gleisdreieck. Recently we have been spending time in our garden house in Brandenburg.

 My wife and I love to travel and as a family that continues. One of our best vacations was spent backpacking through Nicaragua and Costa Rica without two children for six weeks. We ended up taking twenty-two different buses and seeing beaches, volcanoes and cloud forests.


I fell in love with teaching as an undergrad where I had the opportunity to teach PE in an after school programme. After getting my degree in Physical Education, I trained to become an elementary school teacher and then completed my masters while working in Nicaragua as an athletic director.


Teaching is a job that has its challenges and rewards. I feel fortunate that I can laugh every day at my job. BBIS is a quality school for many reasons including the inclusivity of the student body and the philosophy of challenging children to improve themselves regardless of the level they are starting at.

Kerrigan James, 2018

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