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Welcome to BBIS and the Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

What is the goal of the PTA? 


  • organizes fundraising events, social gatherings and fun family activities.

  • provides useful services for the school community.

  • promotes open communication between the parents and the school body.


The goal of our PTA is to build a vibrant school community that celebrates our diverse cultures and supports our students’ development. In short, a school like this one comes to life when parents, families, and teachers have fun and frequent opportunities to meet and socialize. We are also very proud that our fundraising efforts support not just social events, but also a truly impressive Grant Program that is open to teachers and students alike.  We volunteer our time, and there are many ways in which you can participate and connect. Always stay informed by checking our website often for upcoming events and news.​

Please mark your calendar for upcoming PTA events.

Why do you love being part of the PTA?

            Jitske - As most of us
            are families from
           abroad, we move into a totally new environment, city and culture.
One can feel lost in the beginning. At the Welcome BBQ, I met new families who were in the same situation as we were and made connections with 'newbees' who are now friends. I joined the PTA because I want to give new families that same experience. I love working with this great group of people.


              Stacy - I joined the PTA mainly for the opportunity to
             spend time at BBIS by helping with different events
            and seeing my boys in their day to day life at school.
           I was also looking to meet new families and make 
        new friendships - all of which was a success! 


          Kristen - I joined
         the PTA somewhat
       reluctantly (based on past participation at schools in the US) and it has been a terrific experience for our entire family. The approach of the PTA at BBIS is refreshingly different. I have found it to be welcoming and supportive and a truly great way to get to know the other families at BBIS. When we arrived in Germany, we knew no one. We’ve been here only a year and a half and we already feel that we have gained many lifelong friends. That is absolutely a result of my involvement in the PTA. I often say it’s like we hit the friends jackpot!


                   Gillian -
                 I joined the PTA
              Board because I'm so grateful that there was a PTA at BBIS when I moved to Berlin, and it meant so much to me to be able to meet others and really connect to the school. I wanted to help carry on that tradition and "be the welcome."


            Frances - It was wonderful being on the PTA
        Executive Board because I had a chance to meet parents with kids from the Primary years up to the IB program. It was exciting to learn about all the different projects in the various grade levels at BBIS, and it’s always a pleasure to walk through Houses 1-3 and see the work of the students displayed. I’m so grateful to all the amazing staff who inspire and share their knowledge with our kids.


                       Ottolien - Joining the
                       PTA allowed me to
                  embrace and support a community that helps people to feel at home at BBIS. Seeing the smile on the faces of our kids, parents and staff at the Summerfest and other activities makes me proud to be part of the PTA.

                    Ira - I joined the PTA, as the treasurer, 3 years ago. I’ve enjoyed 
                 working with the different PTA boards over these years in the financial
              capacity.  My favorite task each year was the grant workshop with Frances Durocher. Additionally I enjoyed the grant application review meetings, where staff and students presented their grant ideas to the board. The enthusiasm and wonderful ideas were always inspiring! It’s been a pleasure to be involved at BBIS in this capacity, but this has been my last term. I look forward to transitioning the treasury role to the next candidate and seeing what wonderful things the next PTA board will do!


            Denise - I joined the PTA to support and
         advocate for families at BBIS with 
abled children. This year I secured a grant to purchase more inclusion-themed books for the library and resources to educate students about peers with autism. Serving on the PTA was a great way to make new friends and get the insider scoop on all things BBIS!

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