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Sat., May 25


St. Patrick's Day Coffee


Tues. Oct. 2nd 7pm-midnight

at Luise Dahlem

Fri., March 15, 8:30am-12pm


St. Patrick's Day is known nowadays as a time to celebrate friendship and good cheer - what better way than to share a "cuppa" with fellow BBIS parents?  Maybe we'll get lucky and see some new faces!! Drop in for a quick hello or stay for a while - would love to see you there. This event will be held at a personal residence - Blachfeld 27, Kleinmachnow. 

Grade/ROOM Reps

Fall Bake Sale - Thank you to all our “sweet” volunteers for making our Fall Bake Sale so successful!

Culture Day

Wed., Nov. 21

It’s not too late to showcase your country on Culture Day! For more information, click HERE

    Ask Vivian

Primary Counsellor: 

Vivian Huijzinga will answer your questions about raising healthy, happy kids

How do I talk to my older children about stressful issues happening in our home country? Should I avoid talking about it since we live in Berlin and don’t experience it first-hand? Should I wait until they see it on the news and ask questions or is it better to be proactive about teaching them about what is going on?

The news, world issues, injustices, and politics are heavy topics for any individual. For those of us who are sensitive, this can be additionally demanding. Developing children and adolescents make sense of the world around them with what resiliencies they already have and will develop. This process happens on it’s own through daily events, media, friends, family, class discussions and books. What to add as a parent is up to you. 


The circumstances of your family’s political point of view, the news, your children’s stress levels and personal interest may be factors in your decision. If an English newspaper from your home country were left lying around, would your son or daughter be inclined or interested in reading it?  Is there any harm in not discussing the events? What is your gut feeling? Question yourself whether you are informing or sharing stress. What good can come out of it? Maybe lots! A commitment to help others is one. 

Next year's PTA Board is currently forming!  

Our primary mission is to create bridges between families to each other, and to the school... such an important job, at a school like ours, where we come from all over the world and these connections are SO valuable.  

We have the start of a new board, but several positions are still open, so if you would like to take a bigger role in keeping these connections alive, please let us know! In the end, we will be filling the roles of Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Events Coordinator, and Web Team.  
Email us with questions or to sign on - Thanks!
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