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Access to the school

Parents must show their BBIS badge when they enter the school campus and will need to have their badge visible during their stay. Each family receives two badges at the beginning of their first school year. If you forget your card but want to enter the campus you have to register at the Blue Box with an ID card to receive a guest badge.

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Parking and Drop-off 

The school campus is closed to cars between (7:30-8:20am and 2:15- 3:20pm). Parents can only enter the school campus by car during these times with special permission. All other times parents can use the parking areas next to the Heizhaus leading up to the Blue Box.


You can enter the school parking area directly from the roundabout. The right lane is solely used for drop offs. Children are meant to leave the car quickly while their mom or dad remains seated. Cars are not permitted to park in this lane.

Stairs to the Blue Box and the campus can be found on the right side of the sports hall.

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School Bus

There are about 10 school buses that are reserved for BBIS members only. They approach different stations in Berlin, Potsdam and on their way to Kleinmachnow. If you want to register your child, please contact Potsdam Bus: 033203/884925 or

Other methods - Public transportation, biking or walking

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