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Room Representatives 2021/2022

What is a "Class/Room Rep" and what role do they play at BBIS?


We found that as communication channels have evolved and tighter "privacy controls" have taken hold in Germany, the role of Reps has shifted a bit.  This is even more true now, under Covid 19 restrictions. 
For primary grades, the Class/Room Reps are critically important links between classrooms, teachers, and parents.   The role of a Rep is to create a bridge between administration, teachers and parents and to encourage parent involvement for upcoming events.  Reps often help to moderate discussions that come up on both academic and logistical topics, such as curriculum changes, positive behavior policy and school development plans, as well as any concerns or questions regarding security, car parking, facilities, bus and playground logistics, cafeteria topics, upcoming events at BBIS, and more.  There is a chat organized just for Reps so that they themselves have the easy ability to ask questions of each other and of the PTA board.
It should be noted that the Room/Grade Reps assist with general matters and not child-specific or personal issues. 
This year, because of the limited access parents have on campus, we see Room/Grade Reps as having a few key roles: 

For grades EE-5, Reps will monitor class WhatsApp groups, help to welcome new families as they come, communicate news to parents, gather classroom funds, help teachers with small parties (depending on the requests from the teacher), and organize class gifts for the teacher.  Reps can always communicate "hot topics" of interest to the PTA board, as they come up.

For grades 6 and up, Reps will monitor grade-level WhatsApp groups, help to welcome new families as they come, communicate news to parents, and relay any pressing issues that come up to the PTA board, as needed.  

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