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What Are PTA Grants?


Every year the BBIS PTA sets aside a portion of funds that were raised to go back to the school in the form of grants. In the past, the PTA has been able to offer grants totaling 3,000-5,000 Euros, usually in the range of 50-500 Euros each. The PTA will award grants once during this school year.

Any member of the BBIS community is eligible to apply for the grant, including parents, teachers, members of the administration and students.


The grant requests should:

  • promote learning and enrich our students’ educational experiences.

  • bring home and school closer together.

  • improve the spirit and communication amongst the entire school community.

  • improve the quality of BBIS.

  • promote the communication between teachers, administration and parents.


Please note that the requests will only be considered if the item/service falls outside of the normal BBIS budget.


How Does It Work?


Step One: Fill out the grant request form

The due date to submit the grant request form is ............ Only the forms that are completely and correctly filled out and sent to the PTA before the due date will be considered by the PTA Board. Grant requests should be forwarded to the BBIS PTA School representative Ira Philip at by email by noon on the requested date. Paper grant applications can be given to Claudia Arnold on the main floor in House 3.

* Follow the directions on the application

* Write in a clear, concise manner

* Is it covered by the school before you come to the PTA? 

* Please discuss your idea with the appropriate the BBIS Departments, Purchasing, Processing, Facilities and      Buildings

* Are there safety concerns to consider, like playground equipment standards

* Really focus on ‘why?’ your project would benefit the community

* Submit on the application on time


Step Two: Present the grant request to the PTA Board

If the application is not presented in person by the applicant, the request will be automatically rejected.  The location will be in the Business Administration Conference Room in House 3.  Time slots will be emailed to you.


Step Three: Spend the money and carry out your project

The requests that have been awarded must be spent and proof of the expenditures should be given to the PTA before the end of the term following the due date. Otherwise, the grants will be annulled.

* Follow through on your project

* Expenses beyond approved amount are your responsibility

* Spending in a timely manner/by your due date is critical.


Lastly, please send us a short debrief afterwards and let the PTA know how it went and if we should make any changes for next year.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing your great ideas,

The PTA Team 


GRANT WORKSHOP with Dr. Frances Durocher


The PTA will be hosting another grant writing workshop this school year on ......... This workshop is open to anyone interested in learning more about grant writing -- from benefits to the application process. The location of the workshop is yet to be determined. 


Workshop Agenda

  • Real-life grant writing applications

  • Review and step-by-step guidance through the application

  • Examples of grants applied at BBIS

Important dates and submission information!

Workshop - Oct .....

(Room 3410-3412 (House 3, Level 4)

Submission Due Date - November ...

Applicant’s Presentation Date - November .....

Email Submissions - Ira Philip at

Paper Submissions - ........... at 

Fill out the grant request form

Download the Grant Request Form as a Word file

Download the Grant Request Form as a PDF file

Check the Slides from the Grant workshop 

leadership insights


previous grant projects

Frances Durocher

One of my favorite parts about being on the PTA board is working with the grant program. Anyone in the BBIS community can apply for a grant and it is amazing to see all the different ideas big and small! I am particularly impressed by the creative and innovative ideas presented by the teachers. Their enthusiasm and commitment to enriching the learning experiences for their students is truly inspiring! The grant process is also a great opportunity for students to voice their ideas on how to improve the school. Furthermore, they have a chance to practice an important life skill - how to take an idea and follow the necessary steps to make it successfully happen. Learning how to write a grant is also helpful for their futures when students will need to fill out college or work applications. Ira Philip and I will be presenting a grant workshop on October 11th at 11 am that will go through each stage of the grant process and answer any questions.


IRA Philip

As PTA treasurer, I am involved in the grant process from the initial workshop through completion of the project.  The students are always very energetic and excited about their ideas and the grant applications are topics that add to the overall community of the school.  The grant application review day, where each applicant gets the opportunity to present their grant application to the PTA board, is a very inspiring meeting every year.  I enjoy assisting the applicants in the entire process and realizing their project through completion.  Frances leads a wonderful grant writing workshop and her experience in this field through her work in archeology is extensive.  The PTA Grant process is one of my favorite activities of the whole PTA year.  It usually lasts the school year since different projects have different timelines.  This topic keeps me busy and inspired all school year.  I thoroughly enjoy it.

Yifei Mo.jpeg

Yifei Mo  

In Africa, the people who require water for sanitation n their home need to walk at least 12km every day to reach a clean water source. This is one reason why many children lose their chance to get an education. Our grant helped the "WE charity" to support people in need of sanitation. With sponsorship from the PTA, we were able to purchase bracelets that were made from local African women. "The bracelet" was a method of donating money to the charity. As an action of commitment and to experience what it is like to have to walk for our water, all participants in this project walked in Berlin Grunewald forest for 11km last May. I really appreciate the PTA for giving us a chance to help the African people in need.


Charise Adams

Last year, our “games service family” requested a grant to provide students in grades 6-10 with more access to games and game equipment. The students wrote two grants to the PTA requesting money for new equipment. Between the money provided to us by the PTA and student fundraising, the students were able to purchase two new table tennis devices, two more basketballs, three new razor boards, and equipment for the ping pong tables on the quad. We would like to thank the PTA for their generous support and help in reaching our goal.

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