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Winter tyres .. this is a legal requirement between October & Easter  - if you are caught without winter tyres during this time you will be fined and also if you have an accident during this time with incorrect tyres you will be fined.


Green Insurance Card… this you should have in your car at all times (some have been told a photocopy is acceptable but if in doubt have the original with you). This card is proof that you have appropriate car insurance!

You will also need to produce this card when you go to get your tyres changed for Winter/Summer


Accidents… Any bump etc. however small, that you give or get whilst driving should be reported to police… dial 110.




Get yourself a blue ‘Parkscheibe’. You will need to display this in your car in most supermarket carparks etc to allow you to park for a certain time for free without getting a fine. You will see the signs in carparks indicating how long you can park. Parkscheibe are available from most fuel stations/newsagents.


EasyPark app.. a very handy app that finds parking near your location and allows to you to pay for the exact time you park.


A few other general driving tips that we have are:


- If driving in a 30k zone, a road on your right has ‘right of way’ unless your road has a ‘yellow diamond’ road sign, which then indicates that you have ‘right of way’!

- Do not ‘turn right on red’!  Unless marked as such (rare)

- Don’t park facing the ‘wrong’ direction.

- Watch out for cyclists!

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