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My name is Maryam Samii and I am a homeroom teacher in Grade 5. I was born in Iran, where I spent my entire childhood and attended an international school in Tehran. Later on, my family migrated to the US and I lived in California before moving to Germany. In 1992, during one of my backpacking trips to Europe, I met my husband on Capri. After four years of long distance relationship, we married and I moved to Germany in 1996. The transition from sunny California to Berlin was at times bumpy, especially due to the punishingly complex German language and the harsh winters. But now, I consider Berlin my true home and I cannot imagine living anywhere else. My husband Bernhard is originally from Dresden and our daughters were both born in Berlin and completed their entire schooling here at BBIS. Darya is a sophomore at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), studying Mechanical to pursue a medical career.


Music is an inseparable part of our family life;  my husband is a classical music producer and both our daughters have played the violin since they were 3 ½ years old. So, if you’d ask me to recommend places in Berlin to explore, my number one suggestion is visiting Berlin’s amazing concert halls, especially the Berlin Philharmonic, the Staatsopera and the Pierre Boulez Saal. Going to concerts and operas is by far the most satisfying way for me to enjoy my free time.


One of my most memorable holidays so far is our family’s vacation in Norway. The breathtaking landscapes we experienced on that trip offered us an insight to the beauty of nature in its utmost simplicity. It felt as if the nature was sharing mysterious, pure stories with us through silence. If you have not visited Norway yet, I highly recommend it as a must.


Along with my teaching degree, I have an BA in Psychology and an MA in Education from the University of California, Irvine.  I love working with children and this is my 13th year of teaching at BBIS. Throughout the past years, I have had unforgettable experiences, met amazing people, worked with uniquely talented students, and grown as a person and an educator. At our school, children feel happy, accepted and cared for; that is why I love BBIS. This is indeed a caring learning environment with a strong community feel. The palpable welcoming spirit at BBIS is one of the hallmarks of our school. 

Maryam Samii, 2018

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